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My-Mystery-Man (M-M-M) is a sub-contractor. On any given day you’ll see him at Home Depot walking through the isles clad in his construction ‘attire’. This ‘attire’ includes sweat stains, layers of caulking, plaster, mud or concrete, and splotches of lord-only-knows-what.  I once asked him if he was uncomfortable having to pick up supplies in his dirty work clothes. He said, “Quite the opposite. The suppliers take one look at me and realize I’m busy and hard working. They treat me with respect by being efficient and helpful so I can get the he#! out of there.”

Well the other day I followed M-M-M’s lead. I was covered in paint and stain from head to toe. My hair was a mess and I didn’t have any make-up on. I hummed and hawed at the idea of leaving my house looking the way I did; but I convinced myself to go anyway.

I walked into Sherwin-Williams with a paper in hand looking like I was on a mission. And I was. My mission was to get out of there as quick as possible in case someone I knew saw me looking like a hot mess!

A Sherwin-Williams associate immediately came from behind the desk and asked if I needed any assistance.  After he answered all my questions and helped me find the perfect warm-white, he asked me if I’d like to set up a business / contractors account.

Could M-M-M have been right? {scratching my head}


Sherwin Williams Online


This account saves me 30% off paint and between 15-30% off supplies. Now I can pass this savings on to my clients… how exciting!

My take away from all this: I’m not going to stop myself from heading out into the world when I’m a mess… because I AM a furniture painter… and proud of it!

Enjoy your day!