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From all the feed back I’ve received on the topic of painting the inside of drawers, it seems to be a 50/50 split on whether furniture painters and/or re-finishers do or don’t.

Here’s my humble take on the topic and the 5 questions I ask myself when deciding whether or not to paint the inside of a drawer.

Painting the Inside of Drawers

1. Is the drawer in bad shape?  If the inside of a drawer has scratches, stains or looks very worn and dirty, I’ll paint it.

2. Does the drawer have an odor? If the drawer smells of smoke, dirty socks, or has that old musty stench, I’ll paint it.  A good odor killing primer such as KILZ along with a few coats of paint will block and eliminate odors.

3. Does the inside of the unfinished drawer detract from the finished piece? After painting a piece of furniture, if I open the drawer and the interior of the drawer takes away from my finished piece; I’ll paint it.

4. Will a pop of color inside the drawer enhance this piece? Adding a POP of color can add pizzazz and an element of surprise to an entire piece!

5. Will the inside of the drawer require sealing; if so, with what? If the inside of the drawer is being painted, I also decide on a sealer/protector. Wax, poly, shellac? For example , I wouldn’t use a wax finish for a desk drawer where ink, crayons or markers may stain. The wax would be difficult to clean and over time would not sufficiently protect.

This custom painted China Cabinet is a perfect example of how an unfinished interior drawer would have taken away from the overall appeal. Take a look at how clean and polished it looks once the inside of the drawer has been painted. widget-break-line

Painted Interior Drawer


To Paint or Not To Paint the Inside of Drawers


When to Paint the Inside of A Drawer


When it comes to painting drawers, there really is no right or wrong answer but this is my question for you today… to paint or not to paint?  Do YOU paint the inside of your drawers?  Do you like the look of painted interior drawers?  Like most everything in life, it all boils down to personal preference. Chime in and leave me a comment because I’d love to know what you think!

Here are some before and after pics of this custom painted china cabinet. Do you love these pieces as much as I do?…  here’s another similar China Cabinet I curb-shopped and refinished with a Homemade ChalkPaint Recipe.

Have a fabulous day!