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I confess, I sometimes have an obsessive personality.  When I get something in my head like – “I MUST TRY CHALK PAINT”, I have a tendency to want it an hour ago.

Well, let me tell you my friends, finding where to buy CeCe Caldwell Paint is not as simple as driving to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot and coming home with a quart.

CeCe Caldwell Paints are made in the USA.  My only two options to buy this chalk paint were ordering on-line (requiring shipping time – no way!) OR finding a store in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).



After a cup of green tea with my best friend Google, I found a “local exclusive” retailer of this eco-friendly paint in St. Thomas.  This required a 3 hour drive (1.5 hrs each way).

Really..seriously?  3 hours of driving for a quart of paint?

Like every other “Must-Have-Chalk-Paint-Diy’er”, I fell hook line and sinker. Somehow having it less attainable makes it more desirable.  Human nature and Marketing 101 at its best.

So on a crisp November day I recruited my sister Andrea ( my real BFF ) and we headed out on a Chalk-Paint-Road-Trip.  Once we arrived at AnnieThingz in St.Thomas, the fun began!



The store’s atmosphere was warm and casual and it was inspiring to see the beautiful chalk painted furniture on display.   I LOVED their back room with oodles of unfinished furniture awaiting TLC.  I was drooling at all the potential back there!

The store owners, Wendy and Maggie (accompanied by Wendy’s 2 adorable black poodles, Jackson & Richard) took the time to show us around and offered some great CeCe Caldwell painting tips.



We were given a tour inside the display window and received great how-to-tips on creating different effects with the CeCe Caldwell Paints and Wax.



Wendy offered me advice on colour mixing.  She recommended the Dove White and Vermont Gray as a great starting point as they mix well together and offer various shades of gray.




To Wendy & Maggie, thanks for making the Chalk-Paint-Road-Trip a fun, informative outing.  I can’t wait to give CeCe Caldwell Paints a try and let you know how it turns out!

**Update – Curious to see how my first attempt at chalk painted furniture turned out?  You can read my full Review on Cece Caldwells Paint here.

If you have your own story of how you obtained your chalk paint, feel free to share!