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Thinking of jumping on the chalk paint wagon?

With all the hype surrounding chalk paint, and hearing so many DIY’ers rave about miraculous transformations, I HAD to give it a try.

After using a couple of cans, and trying a few different application methods, here’s my Review for CeCe Caldwells Paint.




* NO ODOUR and it’s 100% Green & Eco-Friendly

If you have allergies, health problems, a sensitive sniffer…(like me), or just plain HATE the smell of oil or latex, CeCe Caldwells paint has no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), it’s non-toxic, and has NO odour.

Water, clay, chalk and pigment is the basic make up of this paint.

All Ingredients are Natural.

This makes CeCe Caldwells paint a REAL pleasure to work with and oh-so-convenient!

Our winters here in Ontario can be brutally cold.  Today is -9 °C with a wind chill factor making it feel like -30 °C…brrrr.  It’s a bonus to be able to use this paint in the warmth and comfort of my basement without worrying about being asphyxiated by chemicals or stinking up my entire home.


* Environmentally Safe Recycled Packaging

CeCe Caldwells Paint Cans and Labels are manufactured from recycled plastic and are environmentally safe…love it! 

I’ll be recycling these cans in my Blue Box (our municipal recycling program) once I’m finished using this paint.



* NO Sanding Required

CeCe Caldwells Paint adheres to most surfaces without sanding, stripping or priming.

It self-primes and has super-duper adhesion.

CeCe Caldwells paint can also be used on fabric, metal, mirrors, plastic, brick and most other surfaces… all without sanding and priming.  I will definitely have fun putting this to test!

If any of you have used this chalk paint on high gloss furniture without sanding, I’d love to hear your results.


* CeCe Caldwells Paint has Excellent Coverage 

Here’s the short version of my story.

I drove 3 hours to buy the chalk paint.

When I arrived back home, I was so excited to get started, I started shaking that can like craaaazy lady and opened it up.  {cue the angel and harp music} I was impressed!




The chalk paint is smooth, velvety, rich and beautiful, and I was NOT  let down once I started applying it.

Using a brush, it’s very easy to apply and the coverage is excellent!




I did however have a problem on my first attempt applying it with a roller which you can read about here.


* A Little Goes a Long Way

Rather than tell you how much mileage I got out of this paint, it’s much easier to show you.

Below is the vanity, chair and side table which I completed with less than 1 quart of CeCe Caldwells Simply White.  Notice the vanity looks like an entirely different colour.  I simply added a sample size of California Gold to the Simply White which really warmed it up.

All pieces were painted in 2 coats and there is still approximately 1/4 of the can remaining.



* Easy To Thin

This paint is easily watered down to make a thinner consistency.

If you want to apply your second coat a little thinner than your first, or you find the paint is drying up and starting to get thick… just add some water.

For the projects listed above, I did NOT water down the paint.

I did use a watered down chalk paint wash on the table I painted with a roller.  Once I finish that post, I will include the link so you can take a peek.


* Chalk Paint Lends Itself to Many Styles

If you’re looking for a paint which lends itself to a variety of styles, this is it.

Shabby chic, antiqued, flat, distressed, textured…  all look great using chalk paint.  I’ve found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest!

If you’re looking to create a modern look or a high gloss piece, latex would be a more appropriate choice.


* Easy Clean-Up

The easy clean-up is… OMG… frigg’n heavenly.

This is HUGE for me because one of my pet peeves is cleaning brushes, rollers and trays.  Well… cleaning anything really.

It was almost effortless cleaning my brushes, trays, hands and hair. Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ who somehow always manages to get paint in my locks.

A little soap and water cleaned everything up beautifully.  And get this… I left a used tray sitting out for days, and had NO problem getting the old dried paint off.  Try that with latex!


* Great for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, and just learning how to paint and re-finish furniture, chalk paint may be a good place to start.  It’s very forgiving.

You won’t be discouraged by all the prep work which is required with all the other mediums. The dry time is fast, and the process is simple.

Chalk paint also lends itself to a perfectly-non-perfect finish which looks fabulous.  You don’t have to worry about messing up!


* Made in the USA

CeCe Caldwells Paint is made in the USA.

The colours are inspired by the landscape from coast to coast, and the paint names are inspired from actual American Cities, States, and Towns.  Charming! 





* Caution – Dust is Extremely Fine

After painting, I gave the entire piece a sanding.

The dust is extremely fine and when inhaled, can be bothersome.




Just because it’s all natural ingredients and Eco-friendly doesn’t mean it will be friendly on your respiratory system.

As a precaution, treat sanding with chalk paint the exact same way you would sanding with any other material.  Wear your mask!


* Limited Colour Selection

The colours are beautiful but limited.  36 colours in total.

If you want more variety, mixing your own colours can be fun.  I warmed up my Simply White by adding a trial size of California Gold and it made a considerable difference.




Another option is to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) as her colours differ from CeCe Caldwells.


* Cost & Availability

Considerable time was spent researching where I could buy the paint.  I then drove 3 hours (there and back) to pick it up, and well…we all know time is money.

At $42/quart, it’s not an inexpensive paint.

It’s all good though.  The long drive provided a fun road trip with my sister which you can read about here… and like the famous credit card commercial says…that’s “PRICELESS”.

Driving to AnnieThingz in St. Thomas and seeing all the re-finished CeCe Caldwell painted furniture inspired me and was well worth the time. The store owner’s Wendy & Maggie were warm, welcoming, and offered us great chalk paint tips and suggestions.


* ON or OFF the Chalk Paint Wagon?

To wrap up my Review on CeCe Caldwells Paint… I LOVE IT!!  The pro’s far out weigh the con’s and I will definitely be jumping on this wagon and hitching another ride in the near future.

For my next project, I’m turning myself into a mad scientist and will attempt to make HMCP (Home Made Chalk Paint) with a variety of recipes. I’ll keep you posted on this less expensive alternative.  ASCP is also on my wish list.

If you’re curious about chalk paint, give it a try!  There’s no ONE paint that is right for ALL furniture types/projects, so trying different re-finishing products is a great idea.

I’m so happy I’ve added CeCe Caldwell to my furniture painting arsenal.


Hope your New Year is off to a FABULOUS start!

Denise xo