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The Painted Bench… Now in Oakville!

The Painted Bench… Now in Oakville!

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Blog, Chalk Paint, Featured Shops | 0 comments

Hello beautiful!

Last summer, you may remember I featured a shop on Ottawa St. in Hamilton Ontario, “The Painted Bench”.  In February of this year, Nicole and Melanie (co-owners and talented furniture-artists) opened a second location at 119 Kerr St in Oakville.

I finally found the time to drop by the new store and pick up some furniture painting supplies.

Sorrrrry…  I didn’t buy you anything… but I thought I’d treat you to the next best thing and bring you back some inspiring photo’s.

I’ll bet these re-styled Annie Sloan Chalk Painted pieces will get your creativity flowing!




Don’t you love this charming Antique Sheet Music Cabinet… the beveled mirror makes this piece so unique.




An adorable “Numbered-Dresser” painted by Carolyn… a Painted Bench associate who’s always happy to help!




And take a look at this gorgeous antique Eastlake Style Dresser with mirror.




All this painted furniture against the dramatic checkered floor looks amazing!




And take a look at Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint “Provence” on the walls… I love it!




And this one is for all you furniture painters who store inventory… here’s a glimpse of some gorgeous pieces that are just waiting to be glamafied. I love this space. It’s a room busting at the seams with unlimited possibilities. I was so tempted to strap a few of these pieces to my back and make a run for it.




… and of course you can’t visit The Painted Bench without seeing a painted bench!




Are you inspired yet? Chime in and let me know what your favorite pieces are. And you can find more re-styled furniture and information on The Painted Bench facebook page.

Have a great day!

Denise x



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Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ Here’s How To Keep Your Wood Filler From Drying Out

Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ Here’s How To Keep Your Wood Filler From Drying Out

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Blog, Quick Tip Tuesday | 1 comment

Okay, today’s Quick-Tip is how I conquered a little pet peeve. We all know wood fillers dry up fast.

Shortly after I would open a container or tube, I ended up with a dry grainy unusable mess. This boiled down to wasted time and money because I would throw away the crusty cracked stuff while running to the store to buy new wood filler.

Here’s my solutions which I’ve been using for the last 8 months or so and it’s been working GREAT!

Plastic wrap UNDER the lid.




This plastic wrap UNDER the lid keeps the moisture trapped in so the wood filler stays moist,  pliable and workable. I find it works even better than putting the container in a ziplock bag.




I never open a container that looks like a desert floor anymore… see…very smooth and spreadable…. like buttaahhh!




If it’s not quite as soft as it should be, I simply add a 1/2 teaspoon of water and mix thoroughly. I’ll keep adding and mixing in small amounts of water until I have a perfect workable consistency and it’s as good as new again.

This plastic wrap tip also works well for tubes of filler, caulking etc. For the tubes, you can also use a piece of tape on the ends before capping them but I do find the plastic works best.







Do you have any tips to keeping your wood filler soft and usable?  I’d love for you to share!

And if you missed last weeks Quick-Tip-Tuesday, you can find it here.

Have an amazing day!

Denise x

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Chippendales Pull and Steal The Show

Chippendales Pull and Steal The Show

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Blog, Painting Furniture, Trash 2 Income | 0 comments

The Chippendales steal the show on this one… and ladies… I’m not referring to the hotties at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

I came across this desk at a yard sale 17+ years ago. This was long before I ever imagined I would start my own furniture re-styling business. You see, didn’t I tell you?…  I’ve ALWAYS been on the look-out for great finds. :)




This desk sat off to the side, lonely and isolated from all the other yard sale items. It wore a big “FREE” sign because it was in dire need of some TLC.  I didn’t really care that this piece was “broken” because…

1. Dad could fix ANYTHING.

2. I loved the Vintage Chippendale Pulls.

3. LOvEd the Vintage Chippendale Pulls!!!

Once Dad repaired it, the desk sat in my spare bedroom for years. It followed me when I moved, and then sat in another spare bedroom for years. There were a few attempts to paint it, but the job never got done.






Now that I custom paint furniture, I thought, enough is enough.  Give this desk {and beautiful hardware} the attention it deserves. I decided to make the Chippendale Pulls the focus by leaving their original patina and painting the entire desk a classic white.

This piece sold quickly and I’m so happy it’s in a home where it will be used and appreciated. No more sitting in a spare room waiting for its day to shine.









Ode to the White Desk featuring the Vintage Chippendale Pulls!

Let me know what you think… and are there any other vintage hardware “groupies” out there?

Enjoy you day!

Denise x

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Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ Using A Brown Paper Bag 4 Your Final Sanding

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Blog, Quick Tip Tuesday | 0 comments

Hello my friends!

Today’s Quick-Tip-Tuesday is from the ever talented Shausha at Sweet Pickins.

“After spraying my final coat and its dried, i go all over the piece (weather its just the top or the whole thing) with a brown paper bag – just the small lunch sack ones. It works to perfectly smooth out the piece and clean up any little high spots from spraying or maybe just something that landed on the piece when it was still wet or whatever. It just takes a second with a quick rub and its perfectly smooth with no white residue or sanding marks.”




And I know Q-T-T are suppose to be “quick”, but I’m in love with Sausha’s Milk Painted Furniture so I can’t help myself… I have to share one of her gorgeous pieces with you.


Sweet Pickins Milk Painted Hutch


To see more of Sausha’s signature furniture and helpful tips,  you can visit her at Sweet Pickins Furniture. And be sure to check out ther Sweet Pickins Furniture Milk Paint Line. I’m looking forward to giving these Milk Paints a try… she has some amazing colors!

Have a fabulous day… and oh… if you missed last weeks Q-T-T you can find it here. :)

Denise x

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Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Mistints

Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in Blog, Quick Tip Tuesday | 3 comments

Happy Tuesday my friends!

A really Quick Tip ~ When you’re out and about shopping at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any Paint Store, keep your eyes peeled for MisTints or Ooops Paints.

They are usually available right by the paint counter and you can pick up gorgeous colors for a fraction of the cost!


Save Money On Mistints and Oops Paints!

Save Money On Mistints and Oops Paints!


You can catch last weeks Q-T-T here…  and I hope your day is filled with endless possibilities!

Denise x

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A Re-Purposed 70′s Stereo Cabinet & Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz

A Re-Purposed 70′s Stereo Cabinet & Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Blog, Painting Furniture, Thrift Re-Styled | 6 comments

This post is going to date me but I have to say, re-purposing this 70′s Stereo Cabinet brought back f-u-u-n childhood memories.


70's StereoCabinet


While I was removing the stereo components, I remembered how excited I was when my family purchased our very first stereo console.




It had an open concept dashboard with two large speakers on either side and a place in the middle to house albums, 45′s and 8 tracks.  The cabinet was made of wood composite; the dash and speakers in silver and black to give it that mod’rn disco look.




It was HUGE… and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Looking back, I had so many good times with that stereo. All my little girlfriends would come over to sing on the microphones, and my Mum would always crank up the volume so we could dance to Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz…ooooooh yaaaaaa!

Well, I think this Stereo Cabinet that I re-purposed into a trunk/bench is pretty cool too….




I started by cutting mirrors for the two open side panels where the speakers were. I removed and replaced the original edge-banding because it was in poor shape and then I asked M-M-M to configure a strong MDF bottom so it’s sturdy enough to use as a trunk or bench.




Next came a few coats of primer and paint and then the entire piece was protected with a few coats of Varathane in a semi-gloss finish.

This stereo was sprayed from start to finish and the paint color is Sherwin-Williams White Duck #7010.

Initially I was really stumped on what color to paint it but I’m really happy I chose the clean look of white. Although I love color, white is my all time favorite. Clean, classic, feminine and versatile. It can be dressed up or down and looks fabulous decked out with splashes of color.



This one… I think I’m going to keep. It will look amazing at the end of a bed or under a window and it will be perfect to store my gift wrap/linens or knick-knacks. I love turning something old and dated into something new and functional.

Let me know what you think… or if you’ve re-purposed one of these stereos, I’d love to hear how it turned out for you.

Enjoy your day,

Denise x

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