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Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ An Easy Way to Paint Stripes On Your Furniture

Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ An Easy Way to Paint Stripes On Your Furniture

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Blog, Quick Tip Tuesday | 4 comments

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today’s Quick–Tip comes from the lovely and talented Judy Ainger at Vintage Street Designs. I discovered her tip on FB and thought it was a great one to share with you.

Judy has an easy way to paint stripes on furniture… straight stripes I might add!

She uses 1″ blue Edge-Lock Tape and places the first piece in the middle of the surface making sure it’s straight and centered. Working outwards, she places additional strips of tape side by side until she’s reached the end of the piece. Judy says starting in the middle and working your way out ensures the end stripes will be the same width on either side. Once all the tape is perfectly positioned, remove every other piece of tape and paint away. Brilliant!




Great tip and so easy… thanks Judy! I’m looking forward to trying it for myself in the very near future.

Have any other tips or tricks when painting stripes on furniture?  I’d love to hear them so please share below!

If you missed last weeks Q-T-T you can find it here and feel free to drop by Judy’s Facebook page for even more inspiration.

Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for dropping by. :)

Denise x

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Painted & Stained Pine Desk Rescue

Painted & Stained Pine Desk Rescue

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in Blog, Milk Paint, Painting Furniture, Staining Furniture, Trash 2 Income | 10 comments

Hello everyone,

Some of you already know that last week I had to put Freddi down. The past few days have been difficult and sad. My heart is broken.

Every day for for the last 18 years, this little dog with big personality gave me her unconditional love. Always by my side making me laugh and smile…. she was family.  This love was a special gift… and I’m blessed to have had her in my life.

I know all you animal lovers understand because the response on FB has been overwhelming. Thank you to every one of you who took the time to offer your support. Although I wasn’t online last week, I did pop in to read every single post and found comfort in all your kindness.


Here’s what I’ve been working on to keep my mind off things.




This pine desk (and chair) are both rescue pieces.

The desk has been re-styled with General Finishes Java Gel Stain and Lamp Black Milk Paint.  Before applying the Java Gel Stain, I lightly sanded the entire desk just enough to remove the shiny finish and then applied the Java over the pre-existing stain.

The Java darkened the original stain considerably but left the warm undertones.




The chair has been left in the same condition I found it in. I’m going to keep this interesting piece for staging. I love it. It’s solid wood with beautiful curves and details, but I haven’t decided how I’m going to re-finish it yet. Any idea’s?






I’m really happy with the new hardware on this desk.

These tarnished brass/wood knobs where purchased for 25¢ each at the Re-Store. I wish I had taken before pics because the original wood was blonde.

I gave each knob a light sanding and then applied a few coats of Java Gel Stain to match the finish on the desk. It ties everything in really nicely and makes for a handsome piece.




The  four pulls on the bottom drawers were purchased new from Lee Valley.




The desk has been finished and protected with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Flat. I usually use my spray-gun to apply top coat but this time I used a foam brush. It leveled beautifully.








Once again, thank you for your support. If you’ve left a comment/question on the blog or my email recently, I’ll do my very best to get back to everyone this week.

Also, Quick-Tip-Tuesday will be back again tomorrow.

Have a blessed day,

Denise x





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Milk Paint Laminate Furniture ~ Country Farmhouse Hutch

Milk Paint Laminate Furniture ~ Country Farmhouse Hutch

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in Blog, Milk Paint, Painting Furniture | 20 comments

I’ve been having a lot of fun working with milk paint lately. I’ve used a variety of brands on real wood and wood veneer, but until now, I hadn’t tried painting a laminate piece of furniture with milk-paints.

When I hauled this 80′s china-cabinet from my inventory, I thought this would be a fun piece to experiment on.

The buffet and hutch screamed Farmhouse-Chic to me!

My vision was a chippy, worn and distressed Country Farmhouse Hutch in a soft muted yellow with chicken wire replacing the glass.

I guess in hindsight, it might have been easier to experiment on a smaller project. This piece took me 3x longer to finish than expected and gave me some nerve-racking moments along the way.


I added bonding agent to help the milk paint adhere to the laminate but NOT ENOUGH…. only about 1/2 of what I could have added. (I thought I was being smart because I wanted it chippy!) The milk paint chipped like I hoped it would… but it chipped like CRAZZZZZZY!

In some places the paint came off in large strips rather than just chipping.


Milk Painted Laminate Hutch




I’ll be honest… as the paint was coming off in sheets, I was hating this piece. I thought OMG, this piece is going to end up with very little paint left on it and look just horrible.

I kept plugging away though… I lightly re-sanded and re-painted in a few areas that were “too” exposed. I painted the inside of the buffet, back of the hutch, and chicken wire a clean white. Then I bought simple cup handles that are a perfect match to the Buttermilk Yellow Old Fashion Milk Paint I used.

This hutch is still VERY distressed and chippy, but once the entire piece was finished and I stood back to take a look, I loved it!

What do you think…. does this piece have country charm!?






Here are the steps I took to Milk Paint this Laminate Hutch… and a few things I learned along the way:

1. I gave the inside and outside of this piece a good cleaning with a damp sponge. It wasn’t stained or greasy so this was enough to get the dirt off.

2. I lightly sanded with a medium fine sandpaper (150-220 grit) being VERY careful not to sand through the laminate. I sanded with a very light hand  just to get enough ‘tooth’ to ensure the milk-paint has something to adhere to. There are different opinions on sanding laminate. Some websites caution against sanding laminate surfaces because you can easily sand through to the wood composite. Other websites say because laminate surfaces are shiny and slippery, sanding is a must. I’d love to hear your opinion.

3. I add Bonding-Agent to my mixed Milk-Paint to help the paint adhere. Like I mentioned above, I only added about 1/2 of what the bottle recommended. Next time I use milk-paint on laminate, I’ll be adding the maximum amount of bonding agent to be sure I get the best adhesion possible.

I have a new appreciation for all you furniture artists who use milk-paint to create gorgeous chippy pieces. Contrary to what some people say, these pieces take a lot of work! Arm me with a spray gun and I would have finished 3 pieces in the same time it took me to finish this one….lol.

If you’ve ever painted laminate furniture with milk-paints, please let me know how it all turned out for you. And if you have any tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear them… including whether or not you sand laminate before painting.

Enjoy your day!

Denise x

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Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ A Great Tool To Keep You Comfy While Spraying Canned Paint

Posted by on Aug 12, 2014 in Blog, Quick Tip Tuesday | 0 comments

Hi Everyone!

Today’s quick tip is for all you painters who use paint or primer in a spray can.

I reviewed this Comfort-Grip-Handle a while back. (In fact, I think it was my very FIRST post on Salvaged Inspirations when I had no idea where this blog was going or how fast it would grow!)  I still think it was $8 well spent.



If you do a fair amount of painting from a spray can and your fingers ache because of the uncomfortable spray nozzles, this comfort grip will make a world of difference.

Did you miss last weeks Q-T-T… if so you can catch it here. Do you know of any other products or tips to keep comfy while spraying? I’d love to hear, so please share!

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy painting!

Denise x

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Shopping Tools and Holding My Ground

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Blog, Random Chit-Chat, Tools | 4 comments

Have you ever been shopping with someone who’s trying their very best to convince you that what you want is not as good as what they want you to want? Okay, a little confusing but let me backtrack to explain…

When I started this furniture painting business, I was super lucky {and I still am} to have M-M-M’s support and know-how… not to mention all his hand-me-down tools.

I’ve been using his Milwaukee drill and impact driver for months now. These tools are HUGE, HEAVY and AWKWARD… especially the drill.




You figure, if a 6’2″ – 215lb construction guy with GINORMOUS hands used this drill, it’s probably not the ideal tool for me.

Yesterday, we went shopping for a new drill and I fell in love with the DeWalt 12V Drill and Driver set. The set was light weight, the handle a perfect size for my grip, and DeWalt is a very reliable brand. I just knew from the moment I picked them up that that’s exactly what I wanted.

M-M-M wasn’t convinced it was the right set for me.

We bantered back and forth about ~staying loyal to a brand ~ interchangeable battery packs ~ warranty ~ price ~ this one has more power ~ this one is angled weird ~ this one is too heavy ~ this handle is too fat…  you get the picture. I know you weren’t there, but I’ll bet you know exactly which points were HIS and which were mine….lol!

We even drove to three different stores to see what other options were available. Every store we went to, I kept pointing out the same frigg’n set!

I held my ground and ended up with the exact drill set I wanted. Yaaay!




M-M-M even treated me to a brand new DeWalt Orbital Sander. I’ve already used today and it strips really well.




I’m learning that having the right tools to repair and refinish furniture can make my job faster and easier while creating a higher quality finish. I decided our shopping trip was ‘blog-worthy’ because tools can make a big difference; and if you’re going to take the time and expense to go tool shopping, it’s SOOO important to choose the tool that feels comfortable for YOU!

I’m so happy with my new drill set. And because I always like to show you a before and after… ;)




And to M-M-M… thank you… I love you with all my heart. <3


Here’s a sneak peak at a few things I’m working on with my new tools. I hope you pop back in real soon to see the complete re-styling.






If you have any tool shopping tips or shopping stories.. I’d love to hear them so don’t be shy… leave a comment!

Have a fabulous Friday and a fun relaxing weekend.

Denise x

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Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ Use Household Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Latex Paint

Quick-Tip-Tuesday ~ Use Household Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Latex Paint

Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Blog | 7 comments

Happy Tuesday to you…  feels like a Monday for me because I’m just coming off a long weekend… gotta love these long weekends!


RubbingAlcoholToRemovePaintAside from using rubbing alcohol to determine if a paint is oil or latex, I’ve been using today’s quick-tip to remove paint from glass and mirror…  and it works like a charm.

Even if you have OLD latex paint on a window or mirror, if you wet the paint with some rubbing alcohol and rub, the paint wipes off quickly.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove latex paint from your clothes. Just pour some rubbing alcohol on the spot and rub with a toothbrush or nubby wash cloth before throwing the item in your washing machine.

If you know of other ways to remove paint or any other great uses for rubbing alcohol… I’d love to hear them.

And like always… you can find last weeks Q-T-T here. :)

Have a fabulous day!

Denise x

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