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Bluestone Cottage Vintage Velvet Dresser

Bluestone Cottage Vintage Velvet Dresser

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Blog, Chalk Paint, Painting Furniture, Product Reviews, Random Chit-Chat | 8 comments

Back in the spring, I attended the Christie’s Antique Show and had the pleasure of meeting Pamela; the owner and founder of Bluestone Cottage Inc.

Visiting her booth was the highlight of my day…


mason jar - Christie Antique Show


Even though Pamela had a ton going on at her busy vendor’s booth {Christie’s gets over 10K shoppers and set up usually starts at 4am that morning!} she surprised me when she gave me an enthusiastic warm welcome and said she was an SI Blog follower!

Now, I couldn’t tell you exactly how our conversation developed from there, but Maya Angelou’s saying is so true….

At the end of the day, you may not remember exactly what someone said, but you’ll always remember how they made you feel.

Before I left the Bluestone Cottage booth, Pamela was kind enough to give me a few samples of her Chalky Patina Paints. Yes, one of the perks of being a blogger… free stuff! It’s taken me a while to crack this baby open and give it a try, but I’m SO GLAD I DID. Take a look at this gorgeous color and chalky finish!


Bluestone Cottage Vintage Velvet Dresser


This vintage dresser and mirror is restyled in Bluestone Cottage “Vintage Velvet” Chalky Painta Paint, a dramatic rich blue-black; finished with Minwax Furniture Paste for a soft subtle sheen.

The top and drawers were dark stained with General Finishes Java Gel Stain and protected with 3 coats of General Finishes Satin Water Based Top Coat.


Painted&Stained Dresser - Bluestone Cottage Paints1


Bluestone Cottage Chalk Patina Dresser + Mirror


This Chalky Patina Paint is pretty amazing! The painted finish on this dresser was accomplished in one easy coat!


Bluestone Cottage Chalky Patina Pro’s

Excellent saturated color and coverage.

Super smooth silky application.

Beautiful matte chalky finish.

Perfect adhesion.

Distressed nicely (I didn’t try wet distressing but it sanded perfectly).

Simple to wax for a soft satin sheen.

Paint levels perfectly – no brush strokes.

Not a lot of product required. I sill have 1/2 the jar left to use on another project.


Bluestone Cottage Chalky Patina Con’s

Although I love the look of these ’boutique’ paint containers (Fusion also uses similar plastic jars) I find them a challenge to re-open once used.


Bluestone Cottage Paints


Yes, I admit I can be messy when I paint. I like getting my hands right in there. Makes me feel like an artistic VanGogh short of eating the stuff. So I’m always getting paint in, on, and around the lip of the can or jar once opened.

With these screw on tops, if you don’t take the time to wipe off the excess paint before sealing it shut, the paint dries along the inside lid and it’s not an easy task to re-open.

Stay tuned for a Random Quick Tip (one of the NEW changes I was talking about on my B-Day post) where I’ll show you a quick and easy way around this!


Painted & Stained Bluestone Painted Dresser


Vintage Velvet Painted Dresser Mirror

Bluestone Cottage Inc. Logo

Milk Glass Arrangement


Stringed Tissue Paper Flowers


A big thank you to Pamela for supplying the paint. Along with the Chalky Patina,  Bluestone Cottage Inc. also carries a Silky Patina and Milk Paint line too!

Let me know what you think of this restyled vintage dresser…and if you’d like to see the beat up grungy before, you can see it here… and how about my DIY tissue paper flowers!? Not bad for a first try right?!

Have yourself an amazing day!

Denise x


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Unladylike to Reveal Your Age?

Unladylike to Reveal Your Age?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Blog, Business, Mindset, Random Chit-Chat | 26 comments

Hi friends! Today is my 46th Birthday! For any of you who think it’s unladylike like to reveal your age , I had the same attitude for years. But for whatever reason, the older {and hopefully slightly wiser} I get, I’ve come to realize every birthday is a blessing and should be celebrated with gusto!

Heck, I even woke up to Google sending me Birthday wishes this morning… that MUST mean my day is special right? {winky}

Google Birthday Capture

Every year I turn older, I like to look back and applaud myself for things gone well –  and take inventory on things I’d like to improve. This year, in regards to my business, I’m asking myself if I want to be a Little Fish in A Big Pond or a Big Fish In A Little Pond? More to come on some changes coming to Salvaged Inspirations in the near future!

For now, just know I’m not sharing my birthday so you can send me prezzies, but rather to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you for being here and sharing the SI Blog with me this last year. I’m having a blast. And believe me, without all you guys, it wouldn’t be any fun.


Denise Artworks Rochester NY


So peace out for another great year! I’m off to celebrate now. {BIG SMILE}

Have yourself an amazing day too!

Denise x


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Beauty in the Before

Beauty in the Before

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Blog, Business, Mindset, Painting Furniture, Random Chit-Chat | 6 comments

Yesterday I posted a restyled French Country Vintage Armoire. When I originally read the online ad for the piece, I thought I was buying a full-size armoire. It turned out to be quite different. The day it was delivered, I realized it was a half pint standing four and half feet tall.

So what’s the deal?

It was a total misunderstanding on my part. I was so thrilled to have found such a beautiful piece that in my excitement; I didn’t bother to read the dimensions listed in the ad.

You’d think I’d know better because I’ve been painting furniture professionally for over two years now. But I’m the first to admit, I still get super-excited when I come across an amazing piece to rescue and salvage.

These old pieces of furniture may be beat-up, scratched-up, dented-up, colored on, and have gum {or lo’rd knows what} stuck to the bottom of a drawer, but they stand tall and proud regardless of their battle scars.

I see beauty in the before – as well as the after!


Vintage Dresser&Mirror-Before


Vintage Dresser Top - Before


Vintage Drsr Drawer Repair


Repaired Drawer on Vintage Dresser


Vintage Dresser - Before


Vintage Dresser Legs&Feet


Beauty in the Before - Vintage Dresser


So, here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

Can you envision the potential and see the underlying beauty in a piece of furniture that’s grungy from half a century of dust and grime?

Can you appreciate the history in these old pieces and see the mysterious charm in their before state?

Are you brave enough to take a stunning vintage piece and restyle it for your everyday living so it can be used, admired and appreciated?

Don’t stifle your enthusiasm my furniture painting friends!

These old pieces of furniture would otherwise be sitting in the back of someone’s dark garage collecting dust, or worse, end up in our landfill.

Get out there and take on a project you’re passionate about!

I guarantee you won’t be sorry… even if does turn out to be a half pint or different than you originally thought.

Update ~ You can see how amazing this dresser turned out here… and with just 1 coat of paint!

Have an amazing day and happy painting!

Denise x


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Milk Painted French Country Armoire

Milk Painted French Country Armoire

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Blog, color, Glazing Furniture, Milk Paint | 33 comments

The cold and flu season is in full swing so I hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves. My sister is sick. Two of my girlfriends are sick. M-M-M’s not feeling great. And the last few days this nasty germ has been toying with me too but I’m determined to win the battle. Cross your fingers for me because I don’t know about you, but I always feel like such a loser when I’m sick. You know the feeling? You’re lying there thinking about all the things you’d like to be doing but you don’t have the gumption to get off the couch to do them. Not fun. I’m going to keep taking my oil of oregano and try to get some extra sleep.

Anyway, I managed to finish up this sweet French Country Armoire and take a few pics for you.

This piece is ahhh-door-able!


MilkPainted French Country Dresser


I’m seeing this restyled hutch in a little girl’s room. Great storage for dolls, plush toys, blankets/clothes or maybe a secret diary along with some favorite books!

Fit for a princess because it stands only four and a half feet tall!

When I came across the ad on Kijiji (for all my friends south of the border – Kijiji is another version of Craigslist), I thought this was a large full sized armoire. M-M-M went to pick this piece up and I was surprised by it’s size when he pulled it out of the truck. I shouldn’t have been. The dimensions were listed in the ad. I was just so excited about buying it I didn’t even bother to look!

Note to self: read the ad… especially dimensions!


Vintage Armoire close-up Befores


After a few repairs were made, I painted this shapely piece in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I’ve used this gorgeous Shutter Gray color before.


Miss Mustard Seed's Sutter Gray Milk Paint


My sister and I always have a debate on whether this color is more blue or gray. I say blue. She says gray. If you’ve ever used this color, or would like to chime in with your opinion, I’d love to hear what you think. You can be the tie breaker between us! {big smile}

French Country Armoire - Shutter Gray

French Country Armoire Text

MMS Shutter Gray Vintage Armoire+Chair


French Country Armoire MMS Shutter Gray


Vintage French Country Armoire


Here’s a close up of the stencil I used to highlight the oval panels on the front. They’ve been sanded and slightly distressed to give an aged yet elegant French Country look.

French Country Stencil Text

Stencil on French Country Armoire


Other areas are white glazed to bring out the curves and details.


Milk Painted French Country Armoire


White Glazed French Country Armoire


And the drawers and the upper hutch are painted white for a crisp clean look.


French Armpoire Painted Drawers

Milk Painted Armoire Text

French Country Armoire Painted


Now on to the next salvaged piece. I have another shapely old dresser and mirror I’m itching to start. I’ll haul it in from my garage and share it with you tomorrow!

Have an amazing day and stay healthy my friends! 😉

Denise x

Sharing With~

 The Painted Drawer ~ French Country CottageThirty Eight Street ~ The Curator’s Collection


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Painted & Stained Dresser w Mirror

Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in Blog, Painting Furniture, Staining Furniture | 21 comments

So yesterday, I left you with A Way to Avoid Sanding and the BEFORE of this dresser with mirror. Today I’m excited to show you the restyled AFTER!

To keep the integrity of this antique looking piece, I decided to paint it with an old fashion muted blue and showcase some of the original stain. It turned out exactly as I envisioned – and believe me, this isn’t always the case lately! lol


Painted & Stainted Antique Dresser


This small dresser+mirror has been painted with Fusion Homestead Blue.

The original stain has been left intact except on the dresser top and the mirror applique.

The top wasn’t in the best condition and needed a good sanding. After, I applied a 50/50 mix of General Finishes Gel Stains. Java and Colonial Maple were used to recreate the original stain color of this piece.


Blue Painted & Stained Antique Dressser w Mirror


Pretty good match right? Can you tell the difference?

I think it turned out amazing. I’m being more adventurous with stains so this project built up my confidence – I won’t hesitate to ‘play’ with stains to get a desired effect or color!


Antique Dresser w Mirror Blue&Stained


Although the keys are M.I.A, I love that this piece has original stained keyholes. It’s a small detail that adds character and looks sweet against the dark paint!


Antique Dresser Top


Antique Dresser & Mirror Painted&Stained


I knew these knobs would be perfect for this piece. The color and pattern add the perfect touch to finish this dresser off nicely.


Blue White Knob on Dresser


Liquid Sander Painted Mirror


And just for smiles, I’ll leave you with a behind-the-scenes-shot of my new brick backdrop. Push pinned, duct taped and cut all crooked… thank goodness for photo editing!


Staging Dresser for Photoshoot


My sister surprised me with this textured wallpaper – thanks Andrea… LOVE IT! The challenge – I don’t know how to hang it without “really hanging it”.

If any of you have ideas on how to make this backdrop portable, I’m all ears!!! :)

Denise x

Sharing With~

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A FoolProof Way to Avoid Tricky Sanding

A FoolProof Way to Avoid Tricky Sanding

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in Blog, Product Reviews | 6 comments

First things first,  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the kind supportive emails and comments on my Quick-Tip-Tuesday Post last week!  I find it hard to share personal details – but I’m really glad I did. It’s made me realize so many of you are dealing with similar situations… and we ALL have our challenges or hurdles to overcome. All your support gave me strength and made me feel better!  So thank you to all of you!!

And even though it’s not a Tuesday…  {big smile}

Does sanding your furniture rank right up there with cleaning a litter box or picking up after your dog? A crappy job but someone has to do it right? Prep and sanding are essential for an amazing finish; so why do we keep looking for a short-cut or an easy way out?

I’m okay with sanding a piece of furniture with my sander prior to painting. I’ve even learned to somewhat enjoy the process. I see the old finish with all those nasty scratches and imperfections disappear right before my eyes. Gratifying. But one of my pet peeves is hand sanding those tricky intricate areas my sander can’t reach.

I just don’t have the time or patience for it.

I’ve just found a foolproof way to avoid tricky sanding ~ Liquid Sandpaper!

I’ve had this bottle of Liquid Sander sitting on my shelf for nearly a year. I put off trying it because I’m not a fan of using harsh chemicals in my work space. Since this was my first time using it, I don’t claim to be an expert on the stuff, but I did learn a few things. And more importantly, I want to share this product with you because I was impressed… IT WORKS!

A  Foolproof Way To Avoid Sanding


How To Use Liquid Sandpaper:

Super easy. Moisten a cloth with the product and wipe onto your surface until it’s slightly sticky. The Liquid Sander will degloss your surface and create good adhesion for your new finish. I used Fusion (a water based product) and the paint passed my scratch test and adhered to this mirror 100%. No sanding required! Be sure to read the directions specific to the brand your using. Timing varies depending on what type of paint or topcoat you’re applying over top.


When to use Liquid Sandpaper:

::  On Antiques or any Delicate Furniture

::  Crown Molding or Appliques

::  Any Type of Detailed or Curvy Furniture Legs etc.

::  Any Tight Areas where a Sander or Hand  Sanding is Time Consuming or Difficult

::  Furniture Painted with Lead or Anything that may Cause Harmful Dust


What Liquid Sandpaper Does NOT do:

::  It won’t remove scratches or flaws in the wood like sanding will.

::  It doesn’t strip old paint off furniture like a stripper will.

::  Liquid Sandpaper doesn’t sand or scratch up the surface or remove paint like a paint stripper does, but it does degloss by prepping the surface for a new coating of paint or topcoat.


Safety First:

Although the chemical smell wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating, Liquid Sander deglosser is smelly and requires proper safety measures. Gloves, eye wear, plus a really well ventilated area are important. It’s also flammable so be sure the rags you use are disposed of properly.

Here’s the before of the antique dresser + mirror I found on Kijiji.


Antique Dresser w Mirror Before

And how sweet is this?  I’m always touched when I see furniture like this. Someone took the time to line the drawers, so I know this piece was well-loved. I’d like to start collecting these old pieces of paper and do something crafty with them in the future!

Old Dresser Lined Drawers


Be sure to pop in tomorrow. I’ll be sharing my new backdrop along with the “AFTER” of this dresser.

Have you ever tried using a Liquid Sandpaper? Do you have any advice you can share with me? I love all your comments, questions and suggestions so chime in!

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And now, with doggy bag in hand… I’m off to walk my Gidgy. :)

Enjoy your day everyone!

Denise x


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